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The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is the first centre of its kind anywhere in the world, offering facilities to test full-scale grid-connected marine energy devices in open sea conditions.

EMEC was established in 2003 and to date has received over £30 million funding from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the Scottish and UK Governments, Scottish Enterprise, the Carbon Trust, the European Union and Orkney Islands Council.

EMEC has a total of 12 grid-connected test berths at its wave test site at Billia Croo near Stromness and its tidal test site off the island of Eday.  EMEC is also establishing several nursery sites to provide test facilities for smaller scale devices.

In addition to its grid-connected open sea facilities, EMEC also offers developers detailed site information regarding available resource, environmental characteristics, and meteorological data.  EMEC provides additional support, including assistance with legislation and consenting, as well as technical and operational matters.

We installed our first Oyster wave energy device at EMEC in 2009.  We commenced operational testing of our second-generation Oyster 800 at EMEC in 2012.

We were delighted to see Aquamarine Power’s Oyster 1 device installed and grid-connected at EMEC in 2009 and look forward to Oyster 2‘s installation this year. Together with Aquamarine Power and fellow developers, we have helped Orkney become the global centre of the marine energy industry. We look forward to contributing to their continued success.
Neil Kermode, Managing Director
European Marine Energy Centre

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