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The Marine Renewables Industry Association (MRIA) is an all-island member organisation representing the marine energy industry in Ireland.  We are a founder member of MRIA, which was established in 2009, and sit on the MRIA Council.

MRIA works to promote the development and implementation of government policy, which supports Ireland's marine energy industry.  MRIA is focused at present on lobbying for a strong, proactive Government approach to ocean energy on the island. Particular matters
of interest at the moment are the Energy Bill consultation and the leasing round (Northern Ireland) and the policy development initiatives in the Republic including the planned Foreshore Licensing Legislation, the final Ocean Renewable Energy Development Plan and the revised White Paper on Energy, all of which should be published or in place by early 2013

We have worked with MRIA on a number of industry reports and consultations including the White Paper on Initial Development Zones, which proposed that a number of areas be prioritised for marine energy development.

In addition to its government lobbying activities, MRIA seeks to promote and aid marine renewables development in the Irish market, both North and South, by encouraging Irish enterprise, promoting industry-led research and raising public awareness of the growing marine renewables industry.

MRIA Chairman Peter D Coyle was previously Executive Director of Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.

As a pioneering marine energy company with a wealth of industry expertise, Aquamarine Power is perfectly placed to help MRIA promote the growth of the industry in Ireland. We look forward to Aquamarine Power continuing to play a vital role in MRIA’s work.
Peter Coyle, Chairman
Marine Renewables Industry Association

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