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Oceanflow Energy Ltd

Oceanflow Energy Ltd (Oceanflow™) is a tidal stream energy company which is developing an innovative floating tethered tidal turbine known as Evopod™.  Our Chief Operating Officer Matt Haag has been a Non-Executive Director of Oceanflow since 2008 when Aquamarine Power took a 10% share in the company.

Oceanflow's patented Evopod device is designed to capture energy in tidal streams and ocean currents and convert it in to clean, sustainable electricity.  Evopod consists of a floating, semi-submerged, moored platform which supports a horizontal axis turbine, much like a wind turbine only under water.

Oceanflow has designed Evopod as an economic and low risk tidal stream energy technology solution, which will significantly reduce generating costs, particularly in the deeper water sites where the bulk of the UK's tidal stream energy resource resides.

Oceanflow is currently developing a 35kW Evopod device - known as Oceanflow 35 - which will, pending consents, be installed and grid-connected at a tidal stream site in Sanda Sound off the South Kintyre coast. The Sanda Sound project demonstrates that, although easily scalable for large scale projects, Evopod technology can also be used in smaller scale community energy schemes.

In addition to our investment in Oceanflow, Aquamarine Power also conducted an early stage feasibility study for tidal stream energy development in Sanda Sound on behalf of the South Kintyre Development Trust.

The Oceanflow 35 project will be the first deployment of a commercial scale Evopod device.  The project follows a five year research programme including scale model tests and the testing of a 1/10th scale Evopod device in Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland with the support of Queen's University, Belfast.

It is pleasing to see that Aquamarine Power, one of the marine energy industry’s leading technology developers, recognises the viability of Oceanflow’s Evopod technology. We are grateful to have Aquamarine Power’s backing, not only in terms of investment but also for their knowledge and expertise.”
Graeme Mackie, Company Founder and Managing Director
Ocean Flow Energy Ltd

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