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Oregon Wave Energy Trust

Oregon Wave Energy Trust

The Oregon Wave Energy Trust is a not for profit public-private partnership funded by the Oregon Innovation Council. The Oregon Wave Energy Trust's mission is to support the responsible development of wave energy in Oregon.

In 2010, the Oregon Wave Energy Trust awarded a grant of $50,000 to Aquamarine Power USA LLC, a subsidiary of Aquamarine Power, to look at the potential to install Oyster wave energy devices along Oregon's coastline.  Aquamarine Power USA received the funding under the Oregon Wave Energy Trust's Industry Matching Program, which provides funding support for innovative wave energy projects in Oregon, USA.  Aquamarine Power USA is matching this funding on a one-for-one basis.

Oregon Wave Energy Trust works closely with state-wide stakeholders including fishing and environmental groups, coastal communities and industry, government agencies and other partners in responsibly developing the emerging wave energy industry while establishing Oregon as the North American leader in wave energy.

Our Industry Matching Program is designed to help developers such as Aquamarine Power to take their proven technology and make it more efficient, longer lasting and cheaper. Providing match funding is key to spurring the wave energy sector's growth as the industry looks to other coastal states as a possible anchor.
Jason Busch, Executive Director
Ocean Wave Energy Trust

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