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RenewableUK is the trade and professional body for the UK's renewable energy industry.  With over 650 members, it is the UK's largest renewable energy trade association.

Our Public Affairs Manager Neil Davidson is a founder member of RenewableUK's Marine Strategy Group, which works to promote the development and implementation of government policy, which supports the UK's marine energy industry.

In addition to its government lobbying activities, RenewableUK also works to promote and provide information on the UK's renewable energy industry to the media and the public, whilst also acting as a central point of information for its members.

As an active member of RenewableUK, we have contributed to a number of consultations and industry reports, which aim to ensure policymakers understand the full potential of the marine energy industry and to give industry-wide policy recommendations to accelerate growth in the sector.

RenewableUK was formerly known as the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA).  The organisation changed its name to RenewableUK in March 2010 to reflect the diversification of the UK's renewable energy industry.

In the next five years the UK has a unique opportunity to establish itself as the global centre of the marine energy industry. RenewableUK is working closely with industry leaders such as Aquamarine Power to ensure this opportunity becomes reality.
David Krohn, Wave and Tidal Development Manager

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