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Scottish Renewables

Scottish Renewables

Scottish Renewables is the voice of Scotland's renewable energy industry sector, covering biomass, hydro, micro, marine and wind technologies.

Our Public Affairs Manager Neil Davidson is a member of Scottish Renewables marine work group, which works to promote the development and implementation of Scottish, UK and European government policy which will support Scotland's marine energy industry.

In addition to its government lobbying activities, Scottish Renewables also works to promote and provide information on the Scottish renewable energy industry to the media and the public, whilst also acting as a central point of information for its members.

As an active member of Scottish Renewables, we have contributed to a number of consultations and industry reports which aim to ensure policymakers are fully informed of the potential of the marine energy industry and give industry-wide policy recommendations to accelerate growth in the sector.

With a long maritime heritage and some of the best wave and tidal resources in the world, Scotland is uniquely placed to establish itself as the world’s leader in marine energy technology. Scottish Renewables is working closely with leading companies such as Aquamarine Power to ensure we capitalise fully on this once-in-a-generation opportunity.
Niall Stuart, Chief Executive
Scottish Renewables

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