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Sigma Capital Group

Sigma Capital Group

Sigma Capital Group plc is an AIM listed UK based specialist asset management group.  Sigma Capital Group invested in Aquamarine Power in 2007 through the Sigma Sustainable Energy Fund II and has participated in subsequent fundraising rounds in 2009 and 2010.

Sigma Capital Group's principal business is carried out through subsidiaries focusing on investment property and venture capital.

Sigma Capital Group set up the Sigma Sustainable Energy Fund II in June 2007 to provide development and later stage capital for European companies developing technologies relating to clean energy and energy efficiency.

The Sigma Sustainable Energy Fund II has limited partners including SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy plc), Bank of Scotland Energy and Environmental Finance, West Coast Capital Limited, Dasmella Limited, EDP S.A. and Sigma Technology Investments Limited.

We have been delighted to see Aquamarine Power’s progress since Sigma Capital Group first invested in the company in 2007. By putting together a world class team Aquamarine Power has positioned itself at the forefront of the emerging marine energy industry.
Mark Hogarth, Investment Director
Sigma Capital Group plc

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