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The Norsemen

The Norsemen is a private Norwegian investment club, whose members invest individually in early stage clean technology companies and take an active role in building management and board, fundraising and strategy.

The Norsemen invested in Aquamarine Power in 2007 and have since participated in further fundraising rounds.  Frederik W Mowinckel has represented the Norsemen on our Board of Directors as a Non-Executive Director since 2007.

The Norsemen is currently made up of four family offices: Åge Westbø AS, Mowinckel Management AS, Bergensis Capital AS and Bergensis Investments Limited.

Åge Westbø AS is the family office of Åge Westbø, co-founder of SKAGEN Funds - the largest mutual fund company in Norway, which currently manages funds of £12 billion.  As well as its investment in Aquamarine Power, Åge Westbø AS has invested in one other clean technologies company, also based in the UK.

Mowinckel Management AS is the family office of Paal Christian Mowinckel, Elsa Charlotte M. Haukedal and Anna Catharina M. Holm.  In addition to significant interests in real estate in Norway, Mowinckel Management AS has a portfolio of four clean technology investments - including Aquamarine Power - all in the UK.

Bergensis Capital AS and Bergensis Investments Limited are the family offices of Frederik W. Mowinckel.  In addition to its investment in Aquamarine Power, Bergensis currently hold investments in six further clean technology companies, four in the UK and one in Norway.

The Norsemen operate a strict environment investment policy and will only make new investments in companies where the head office can be reached by train from London.

Since the Norsemen first invested in Aquamarine Power, the company has gone from strength to strength attracting a first class management team and major investors such as SSE and ABB. Aquamarine Power is playing a vital role in creating a new industry for Scotland and the world.
Frederik W Mowinckel
The Norsemen

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