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UK Government

Department of Energy and Climate Change

We have worked closely with the UK Government since our inception to ensure that UK policies are closely aligned to the needs of the growing marine energy sector.  Many policy areas relating to marine energy, such as UK energy policy, energy market regulation, grid infrastructure, tax policy and industry funding are regulated on a UK-wide basis.

The UK Government's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is responsible for all aspects of UK energy policy and for tackling global climate change on behalf of the UK. DECC was created in October 2008, to bring responsibility for these two policy areas under one department.

We work closely with MPs, ministers and government officials at DECC to ensure good communications between industry and government and to ensure a clear and coordinated approach to marine energy policy development across the UK.

Our CEO Martin McAdam is a member of the UK Marine Energy Programme Board, set up by DECC with the purpose of accelerating marine energy development in the UK.

We also work with the Department of Business Innovation and Skills and the UK's Scotland Office.

We have been awarded significant funding from the UK Government, including £5 million in 2010 from the MRPF fund (Marine Renewables Proving Fund) to support the development of our Oyster 800 wave energy device.  The MRPF is a £22 million initiative, which is funded by DECC and managed by the Carbon Trust. The fund aims to accelerate the development of the leading and most promising marine energy devices towards the point where they can be deployed on a commercial scale.

Britannia really could rule the waves when it comes to marine renewable energy. We are extremely well placed to lead the world in wave and tidal technologies, which could potentially bring significant benefits in manufacturing and jobs, as well an abundant supply of reliable low-carbon electricity.
Tim Yeo MP
Chair of the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee

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