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University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

The School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh has a reputation for world-class excellence in teaching and research. We have been working with the University's School of Engineering for a number of years in both a teaching and research capacity.

As well as co-sponsoring a PhD student at the School of Engineering's Institute for Energy Systems, we also take a number of Edinburgh's engineering students on our annual undergraduate work placement scheme.  Our scheme allows mechanical engineering students to gain experience on our Oyster project for six months during their undergraduate studies.

Additionally, we work with world renowned wave energy pioneer Professor Salter, who is Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh.  Professor Salter works with our engineering team as a technical advisor providing specialist technical services and industry expertise as well as working with our R&D team on original concept design.  Professor Salter is most well known for the Salter Duck which he developed with his team at the University of Edinburgh in the 1970s.  After announcing his retirement in 2005, Professor Salter continues to be involved in the design and development of a range of technologies and innovations in many sectors including renewable energy, climate change and global warming.

The University of Edinburgh’s collaboration with such a well respected industrial partner as Aquamarine Power is an excellent example of successful alignment of academic teaching and research with industry needs.
Professor Ian Bryden, School of Engineering
University of Edinburgh

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