Solution Provided: Around Oceans Always Humid?

A lot of people think that areas around oceans are always humid. This is not completely true, although, areas around oceans are usually more humid than the deep parts of the mainland. For example, most of Central America is not as humid as the parts of the country that are closer to the sea.

Just think of the Nevada deserts and the Colorado canyons. They are so dry that rain falls just a few times over the year. Cities near the sea are much more humid, but even they have different humidity. For example, Los Angeles is a lot drier than Miami. There two main reasons for this.

One reason is the high mountains on the west that prevent humid air coming from the west to penetrate into the mainland, and the other very important reason is the water current of the ocean. The one on the west coast comes from the north. This current is cold and cold water evaporates harder thus creating less humidity in the air. On the other hand, Miami and the east coast is facing a current coming from the south where the water is hotter and evaporates easier. This creates a lot more humidity in the air. Actually, cities that are more southern have the most humidity. Such is Miami, Orlando, Charlotte, Atlanta, and as we go north, the humidity drops, so Boston and the Canadian coast are drier.

What is humidity?

What is humidityHumidity is actually hotter and heavier air with more hydrogen atoms in it. We all know from chemistry that water is H2O, and hydrogen and oxygen are very fond of mixing together. The air we breathe contains a lot more chemicals in it. Most of it is nitrogen and the second most common is oxygen. Without it, we could live, but depending on the amount of water vapor, or hydrogen atoms in the air, we measure the level of humidity in the air.

What causes humidity?

Humidity is caused by evaporating off the water. Humidity is most common in areas where a lot of water evaporates. Evaporation on the Earth is caused, of course, by the sun. Areas of the planet where the sun has the most effective have the biggest humidity. For example, places that are closest to the Equator are all filled with deep forests because there is a lot of humidity and plants and wildlife love humid air.

What cities are the most humid ones?

In the states, cities in the south have the most humidity. The hot weather and the currents providing hot water that evaporates create cities with a lot of humidity. Some of the most humid cities are Orlando, New Orleans, Houston, Miami, but also cities in the northwest where the current brings hot evaporating water, like Seattle and Portland. However, the cities in the south have an overall temperature that’s much higher than the one in the north. Humidity and hot air are a pretty difficult combination.

What can we do about the humidity?

There’s nothing that can be done on a global level. Nothing can be done about the city’s humid air too, we can’t and shouldn’t control the climate as this is very important for the planet and the wildlife in it. However, we can control the air we breathe in our own home. Technology has reached the level when it can provide almost anything for a better life. In these situations, the best solution is called – dehumidifiers. A good quality whole-house dehumidifier will help you to have a comfortable life ­čÖé

What are dehumidifiers?

Dehumidifiers are devices that turn the humid air into a dry one. They actually decrease the amount of humidity in your room. If you get a more powerful one, it can solve the problem in your whole house. The power of the dehumidifier is the reason for taking care of just one or more rooms.

Types of Dehumidifiers

There are two main different types of dehumidifiers – desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers. They are both good and whatever you choose is okay. The difference between them is the way they do the job. The second one collects the moisture from the air and passes it through a cold coil evaporator. This makes the air dry. The desiccant one draws the water from the moisture letting only dry air back in the room while the rest is heated and removed.

Is humidity dangerous?

Humidity is not dangerous but it makes living harder. In the areas where the temperature is high, the humid air just makes things worse, like the additives in the swimming pool will vaporize in the air, read more in   Cities in the world where the temperature can be extreme but is located in a dry area have fewer people suffering from the heat than those in wet areas. It is not dangerous but it tougher to handle.

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