Here today, Oregon tomorrow

15 Apr 11 - Theresa Wisner, Oregon Outreach Coordinator

As Aquamarine Power USA's community outreach coordinator I spend most of my time reaching out to the local community along the west coast of the USA to give everyone the chance to hear about our Oyster technology and tell us their views.

Last week though, I took a trip to our head office in Edinburgh, Scotland to connect with all of my colleagues 'across the pond'.  My trip to Scotland was a learning experience in many ways.  I got to meet some people who I hadn't met before, making many new friends along the way.

The work environment at Aquamarine Power is beyond compare, which is evidenced by our company being recognized with two major awards last week at Scotland's Best Workplaces Awards - the Leadership Excellence Award 1st place, and 2nd place in the Best Overall Company to work. 

While I was in Scotland I was able to see Oyster 2 in the fabrication yard, in its component pieces.   I came away with a better understanding of the technological dynamics of Oyster, in more awe of humanity's creativity, and in the teamwork here that accomplished this feat.
All in all, a great trip.


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