Measuring up at Arnish

10 Jun 11 - Ian Rose, Quality Manager

Loading the piles for Oyster wave energy converter

Last week I visited a rather windswept Arnish Point on the Isle of Lewis to witness the dimensional check on the Oyster 2 North and South piles.

Manufacture on both piles was in full swing, so it wasn't easy for John McLeod (Dimensional Controller) to get access.  John uses a Leica TCR1105 to conduct the survey.  This equipment references five fixed points within the facility then uses these points as a datum.  John then takes a measurement, bouncing the laser off a reflector and takes readings relative to the fixed points and reaches a precise measurement.  All measurements are then compared against the drawing and documented.

Measurements such as ovality, straightness and diameter are critical and proved to be well within the tolerance specified on our drawings. Well done to the guys from BiFab in Arnish for doing a great job.

Earlier this week our HSE Manager Eddie Scott was also in Arnish to witness the load out of each of the piles. The piles are now en route to Orkney where installation of Oyster 2 will commence shortly.