Safety top of the renewables agenda

10 Feb 12 - Eddie Scott, HSE Manager

Fabricating Aquamarine Power's Oyster 800 wave energy device

Last week I attended the eighth annual RenewableUK Health and Safety Conference in Manchester.  It was great to see such high attendance at the event. Over 400 people were there to show their commitment to ensuring health and safety remains the top priority in the renewables industry.

Principal importance

Health and safety is our top priority at Aquamarine Power and it always will be. We believe in the moral right of every person to return from work in the evening as she/he turned up for it in the morning.  Right from the start everybody in our company selected 'Safety' as one of our seven core values (it's the 'S' in our INSPIRE motto) because we recognise the principal importance of safety in everything that we do.

As part of this ongoing commitment, Aquamarine Power recently signed up to the RenewableUK Offshore Wind and Marine Energy Health and Safety Accord.   The Accord was drawn up by RenewableUK's Health and Safety working groups and is the result of active engagement with key stakeholders such as the Health and Safety Executive as well as the strong leadership and support of The Crown Estate.

Clear and visible leadership

By signing up the Accord we have committed to demonstrating clear and visible leadership on health and safety, working as an industry to engage in self regulation by confronting the key health and safety challenges ahead and taking a proactive stance on health and safety to prevent and minimise current and future risks.

The principles and values in the Accord align with Aquamarine Power's own values and we are delighted to participate in this important initiative to help make marine renewables a safe industry in which to work.


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