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    Scotland-Ireland links strengthened with visit of Irish Consul General

    Aquamarine Power played host last week to Pat Bourne, the Consul General of Ireland to Scotland. He popped in to our Edinburgh HQ to catch up with his fellow countryman and CEO Martin McAdam.

    24 Mar 14

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    Solar lasers, ocean power and volcanoes: unusual energy sources of the future

    Fossil fuels are going to run out. This much we know. No one is entirely certain when they will run out exactly, but we know it will happen eventually. So how will the world be powered when we can't rely anymore on fossil fuels? Why with volcanoes, waves, wet wood and solar power from space.

    13 Nov 13

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    Aquamarine Power steps up electricity production

    Aquamarine Power has announced initial electrical power production from its Oyster 800 wave energy convertor following the machine’s recent return to service.

    7 Nov 13

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    Oyster flexes its muscles

    Edinburgh device developer Aquamarine Power is ramping up power production from its reinvigorated Oyster 800 near-shore wave converter in Orkney sea trials. The company has notched up 6MWh over 60 hours of operations since the hinged contraption returned to service a fortnight ago, following a major programme of component upgrades.

    7 Nov 13

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    Oyster 800 back in operation

    Aquamarine Power’s Oyster 800 wave energy machine is back in operation following the completion of a comprehensive improvement programme which took place over the summer.

    28 Oct 13

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    World first - Aquamarine Power gathers real-time wave data

    Aquamarine Power is now gathering real-time wave data at their Oyster 800 test site, which is helping the wave energy firm produce more accurate energy forecasts, optimise production and drive the design of their future Oyster 801 machine.

    25 Oct 13

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    Holyrood opens wallet to wave leaders

    Leading wave device developers Aquamarine Power and Pelamis Wave Power are to receive grant award allocations from the Scottish government.

    17 Sep 13

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    Orkney’s waters continue to prove fertile test ground for latest ideas in renewables

    New video footage released on 17 July 2013 shows the Oyster 800 wave energy machine in action at the EMEC test site off the coast of Orkney.

    18 Jul 13

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    Oyster 800 wave machine in massive waves

    Aquamarine Power has just released new video footage showing their Oyster 800 wave energy machine operating in massive waves off Orkney. The footage was captured on April 23 this year, and shows Oyster 800 in waves over eight metres high at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney. Waves this severe are encountered less than one per cent of the time.

    17 Jul 13