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    World first - Aquamarine Power gathers real-time wave data

    Aquamarine Power is now gathering real-time wave data at their Oyster 800 test site, which is helping the wave energy firm produce more accurate energy forecasts, optimise production and drive the design of their future Oyster 801 machine.

    25 Oct 13

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    The Locational Drivers of Wave Energy Projects

    An insight into the locational drivers of wave energy projects

    11 Jul 13

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    Huge waves recorded off Lewis

    Monster waves the height of a four storey house have just been recorded off the coast of Lewis, according to a BBC report earlier this week. The news is further proof that this Hebridean island's north west coastline boasts some of the best wave energy resource anywhere in the world.

    7 Oct 11

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    Aquamarine Power USA matches $100,000 grant to investigate wave energy potential in Oregon

    Wave energy company Aquamarine Power USA has been awarded a $100,000 matching grant by the Oregon Wave Energy Trust to gather data on the wave energy potential of the sea along Oregon’s coast.

    3 Aug 11

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    Aquamarine Power welcomes Western Isles marine energy research project

    Aquamarine Power today welcomed a new research project that could help to make the Hebrides one of the most valuable and sought-after marine energy sites in Europe.

    22 Mar 11

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    Research and development

    Our R&D team’s technical and research expertise allows us to continually refine and improve the design of our Oyster wave energy device. Our team is also developing innovative new technologies to increase Aquamarine Power’s intellectual property portfolio.

    24 Feb 11

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    Resource assessment

    At Aquamarine Power, we have developed unparalleled wave resource assessment capabilities. This allows us to model global wave resource with a high degree of accuracy.

    24 Feb 11

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    Why wave power?

    Ocean waves represent our planet’s last untapped natural renewable energy resource. Over 70 per cent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. The potential to capture energy from the sea offers a vast and endless source of clean sustainable electricity.

    19 Feb 11

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    Funding secured for US wave energy study

    The Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) has awarded our US subsidiary, Aquamarine Power USA LLC, a matching grant to look at the potential for using wave energy to produce clean, sustainable electricity along Oregon’s coastline.

    8 Nov 10