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    Operations/Project Engineer

    We are looking for an Operations/Project Engineer to join us on a permanent basis. Reporting to the General Manager in Orkney, you will provide operational, technical, logistical and project management expertise to support the operation and maintenance of our Oyster technology. Working closely with teams across the business and external contractors, the Operations/Project Engineer will successfully identify and implement practical engineering solutions to maximise availability and reliability of our Oyster device.

    11 Apr 14

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    Site Manager

    The Site Manager is responsible for the effective operation of Aquamarine Power’s existing power plant and marine operations/maintenance facility in Orkney. He/she will be responsible for all operational and maintenance activities to ensure maximum availability and reliability of the technology, both offshore and onshore. The Site Manager will ensure that the installations run safely and take the necessary steps to ensure maximum uptime.

    26 Feb 14

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    Oyster flexes its muscles

    Edinburgh device developer Aquamarine Power is ramping up power production from its reinvigorated Oyster 800 near-shore wave converter in Orkney sea trials. The company has notched up 6MWh over 60 hours of operations since the hinged contraption returned to service a fortnight ago, following a major programme of component upgrades.

    7 Nov 13

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    Oyster 800 back in operation

    Aquamarine Power’s Oyster 800 wave energy machine is back in operation following the completion of a comprehensive improvement programme which took place over the summer.

    28 Oct 13

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    Celebrating ten years of EMEC

    In September, the excitement increased on the island of Orkney, as it was the time of year for the annual Orkney Science Festival. One evening talk was to be hosted by EMEC, celebrating the 10th anniversary since their inception. I had volunteered to talk briefly about the work of Aquamarine Power, although despite the best intentions preparations for this had become slightly last minute due to the ongoing preparatory work for the installation of the cylinder module as our Oyster 800 Product Improvement Programme continued unabated.

    11 Oct 13

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    Holyrood opens wallet to wave leaders

    Leading wave device developers Aquamarine Power and Pelamis Wave Power are to receive grant award allocations from the Scottish government.

    17 Sep 13

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    Orkney’s waters continue to prove fertile test ground for latest ideas in renewables

    New video footage released on 17 July 2013 shows the Oyster 800 wave energy machine in action at the EMEC test site off the coast of Orkney.

    18 Jul 13

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    Oyster coming out of shell

    Edinburgh wave developer Aquamarine Power has set out plans to replace faulty components on its Oyster 800 demonstrator after a spell of intermittent operations in Orkney.

    11 Jul 13

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    Scottish islands - a solution in sight?

    For people in the Western Isles, and Orkney and Shetland, the issue of electricity links to the UK mainland has been a long-running sore. Today's report Scottish Islands Renewables Project, published by DECC and the Scottish Goverment concludes there is a clear social and economic case for putting island links in place.

    15 May 13