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    Why nearshore?

    At Aquamarine Power we strive to think differently. And also to apply science and reason to develop our technology in an optimum manner. So while most other wave technology manufacturers have opted to develop deepwater or shoreline devices we have opted for an area characterised as ‘nearshore’.

    22 Sep 11

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    Aquamarine Power welcomes Western Isles marine energy research project

    Aquamarine Power today welcomed a new research project that could help to make the Hebrides one of the most valuable and sought-after marine energy sites in Europe.

    22 Mar 11

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    Resource assessment

    At Aquamarine Power, we have developed unparalleled wave resource assessment capabilities. This allows us to model global wave resource with a high degree of accuracy.

    24 Feb 11

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    Why wave power?

    Ocean waves represent our planet’s last untapped natural renewable energy resource. Over 70 per cent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. The potential to capture energy from the sea offers a vast and endless source of clean sustainable electricity.

    19 Feb 11

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    New Scientist highlights potential of nearshore waves

    Nearshore waves offer much better prospects for wave energy development than previously thought, according to a report published in this week’s New Scientist.

    10 May 10

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    Analysis of the wave energy resource at the European Marine Energy Centre

    This paper, comparing the deepwater and nearshore wave energy resource at EMEC, was presented at the Institution of Civil Engineers Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters conference in September 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    16 Apr 10