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    Huge waves recorded off Lewis

    Monster waves the height of a four storey house have just been recorded off the coast of Lewis, according to a BBC report earlier this week. The news is further proof that this Hebridean island's north west coastline boasts some of the best wave energy resource anywhere in the world.

    7 Oct 11

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    Talking waves on Lewis

    Megan Richardson and Sarah Brock talk to Lewis schoolchildren about wave power.

    28 Mar 11

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    Aquamarine Power welcomes Western Isles marine energy research project

    Aquamarine Power today welcomed a new research project that could help to make the Hebrides one of the most valuable and sought-after marine energy sites in Europe.

    22 Mar 11

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    North-west Lewis

    Lewis Wave Power Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Aquamarine Power) secured seabed leases to capture up to 40MW of wave energy off the west coast of Lewis in May 2011.

    24 Feb 11

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    Lews Castle College

    Lews Castle College in Stornoway provides a key educational resource for the whole of the Outer Hebrides. The college is developing as a principal research cluster within the University of the Highlands and Islands, focusing on renewable energy and low carbon research and development.

    24 Feb 11

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    Lews Castle College website

    Lews Castle College

    1 Feb 11