Cleaning with water VS Cleaning with Steam

So you’re setting up your apartment the way you want it. You have arranged everything by feng shui and you enjoy reading a book on your new chair while sun heats your feet from the perfectly bright window. It’s a good life. For a week. And then cleaning up the place comes into your life. What are you going to do? Hire a professional and pay top dollars for this or clean up by yourself and spend the money on something much better? The second one right?

Cleaning with water VS Cleaning with Steam

So you’re going to clean up the place. Yes, but how? Do you know anything about it? You do, right? How hard mopping and wiping can be? You’re right, it’s not hard at all, but is it best to do it everywhere or some parts need a different approach? Can you use the same brush for the tiles and the upholstery? It’s not as easy as it seems, right?

Cleaning with water is good for hard floors, like tiles, laminate or stone. A simple towel and some water are just enough. This will collect all the dust from the floors and eventual stains will require a little more effort. Overall, this is nothing complex and anyone can do it without trying too much. But, what happens when you need to clean up the carpets and the upholstery from the furniture. You can’t just use the same rugs and splash the water over the whole place. First, you’ll make much more mass than it was and you won’t clean anything. Carpets can’t be cleaned this way, they require something else.

Steam vacuum cleaners are a good idea. Carpet cleaners that use steam can be used for both your carpet and for hard floors. However, their main use is for carpets. Carpet cleaners use different kinds of technology for doing their job. There’s no right or wrong technology, but some people prefer using shampoos and some like simple vacuuming without using any detergent. Here are the most common types of carpet cleaners:

Hot water extraction

Carpet cleaners that use hot water extraction as a system, are adding steam to the carpet before they vacuum it. The steam will dissolve the ingredients and will soften the fibers making them much easier for vacuuming. Here is a great buying guide to the best steam cleaners!

Encapsulation technique

Encapsulation has taken over the shampooing of carpets that were popular back in the day. Today, vacuum cleaners use encapsulated detergents that turn into foam when it is dried. The foam captures the dirt and in the end, a simple carpet cleaner will vacuum it with ease living no trace behind it.

Bonnet technique

Bonnet technique is good for places where you don’t need a thorough cleaning. With bonnet technique carpet cleaners use a cleaning solution that only takes care of the surface of the carpet. It does make the carpet look perfect after it is cleaned, but in reality, a lot of dirt is still left on the bottom which will soon appear back up.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaners insert powder inside the carpets which is then thoroughly brushed by the carpet cleaner. The powder reaches deep inside the carpet and the special brushes have no problem in getting through the fibers making a deep clean. This is a very popular type because it needs no drying time and the carpet can be used right after the clean-up.

Carpet cleaner brands and cleaning tips

Carpet cleaner

Some of the most popular brands in the vacuuming industry are Bissel, Vax, Rug Doctor, Dyson, Shark, and others. They all have all these technologies to offer depending on your needs. Some people simply prefer one kind over the other and brands have no problem in delivering.

When it comes to cleaning with these machines – it’s really simple. They are all operated in pretty much the same way and differ only in performance and looks. To work, they almost always have a button and a few controls that speed and power.

When it comes to cleaning the carpet, we suggest taking all solid parts from it that might get stuck in the vacuum pipe. Also, have only the rug placed on the ground without chairs and tables that you’ll have to go around while cleaning. This will both damage the cleaner and the furniture.

Before you start cleaning with a detergent or a cleaning solution, make sure they are the best choice for your needs. Some cleaning solutions are specially made for different kinds of materials and colors. This means it will be the best to look for specific types of solutions that fit your rug.

In the end, use the carpet cleaner often. This will prevent adding too much dirt in your carpet that will be harder to be cleaned. Often and fast clean-ups are the best.

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