Energy From Water Has been Around For a Century But Do We Maximize its Effect?

There are many ways to get electricity to our homes. Big companies providing electricity use a lot of different ways to produce and then transport that electricity to our homes. It started with coal factories transferring this fuel into electricity, but then other ways developed. Gas, eco-fuels, nuclear plants, wind turbines, solar plants, and of course, one of the most used – hydropower plant.

Energy from water, or from hydropower plants is around for more than a century now, but do we really use it the best way possible? This is one of the most affordable ways of getting electricity, it’s eco-friendly and water is such a powerful supply for getting endless amounts of electricity.

How Does a Hydropower Plant Work?

How Does a Hydropower Plant WorkHydropower plants need a good investment in order to do a great job. First, a dam is built on a river that has an option for this. Then nig turbines are installed and the water falls down on them. As the turbines move, electricity is produced which is then transferred through special conductors that supply our homes.

The best part of this investment is that is done only once and there is no need for further investments in order to produce electricity. Unlike other types of factories that require fuels, water plants need nothing else than the already existing river. We know that rivers flow without stopping and all we have to do is to control the amount of water getting in the turbines. The more water behind the dam, the more electricity can be produced.

Of course, one turbine can only do so much, so some power plants are built on big rivers that can supply a lot of turbines, thus producing a lot of electricity. Big cities require a lot of power so huge investments should be made in order to feed every home.

Electricity is essential for our living today. It might haven’t been such a big deal back in the day if electricity shortage happens, but today this is a true problem. Everything works on electricity and thanks to this power source many important appliances in our homes can function properly and make our life easier. Starting with a simple Smartphone charger and ending with a water supply machines that pump the water in higher grounds. Without them, some of us will be living without electricity and water.

The Connection Between Water And Electricity in Our Lives

Connection Between Water And ElectricityEven though everyone knows how dangerous it is to connect live electricity and water, these two simply go hand by hand in our everyday life. For example, a simple shower requires water but it’s nearly impossible to be done if the water is not heated. Water heaters use electricity to heat the water to a respectable temperature for our use.

This is an interesting connection, kind of a love-hate story by the two. They can’t stand being next to each other, but if we want to get one of them, we need to call the other one too. We get electricity by exploiting water and then we need electricity again to get water in our faucets and showers. It’s an amazing connection.

The science and the technology has gone so far that we don’t see the whole process of getting water and power, we just use them without doing absolutely anything. Before 50 or 60 years a lot of people on the Globe still had to wait a lot of time and work their best to get hot water. A lot of these people didn’t even know what electricity was. Today, almost everyone on the planet is supplied with these goods. In the modern world, however, electricity and hot water are always present in our homes.

There’s always electricity in our sockets in the walls and hot water is available 24/7 thanks to the revolutionary system that tankless water heaters use. Without the need for excessive use of power, gas tankless water heaters provide hot water in our showers whenever we need it. They are very eco-friendly as they don’t spend unnecessary electricity, yet, water is hot every time we turn the faucet on.

Standard water heaters are now outdated and everyone that cares about the environment and wants to have hot water in their home all the time installs a tankless water heater. Sure, it’s an investment that some might not be able to make, but the positive sides are so many. Tankless water heaters are installed directly on the water pipes and can provide hot water for the whole house and just one faucet.

As a modern civilization, we definitely don’t use most of the water potential and we must do everything in our power to maximize it. This is good for everyone. Both for us as users, and for the environment and the Planet.

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