Wave power in the USA

Funding secured for US wave energy study

8 Nov 10

The Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) has awarded our US subsidiary, Aquamarine Power USA LLC, a matching grant to look at the potential for using wave energy to produce clean, sustainable electricity along Oregon's coastline.

The $50,000 grant will pay for a feasibility study into the potential for installation of our Oyster wave energy technology off the coast in the service areas of Central Lincoln People's Utility District and/or Tillamook People's Utility District.  The grant is intended to help deploy Acoustic Doppler Current Profile (ADCP) devices that measure and record the frequency, intensity and height of waves as they approach the Oregon shoreline. We will be searching for local vessels to deploy the devices.

Aquamarine Power USA was one of four companies to be awarded a grant by OWET under its OWET Industry Matching Program.

Reaching out to local communities

For the past four months, our Oregon-based team has been reaching out to local communities seeking local stakeholders' views on the most suitable locations for potential sites to install arrays of our Oyster hydro-electric wave energy technology.  We will continue our outreach programme after the ADCPs have been deployed.

Our USA office is based in Newport, Oregon, and is headed up by John Fedorko, who joined our team in 2009 from the wind energy industry.  Lincoln County resident Theresa Wisner has also joined us as our community outreach coordinator as part of our strong commitment to supporting local communities. We hired Theresa because of her experience on commercial fishing and research vessels, along with her skills in community outreach and education.

On receiving the grant from OWET, John Fedorko, Director of Aquamarine Power USA LLC said:

"We are very honoured and excited to receive this matching grant from OWET.  These crucial funds will allow us to study and record Oregon's immense wave power potential, and will help us with one of the most important items in the development process:  proving the wave resource at a given site.

Bringing wave power to Oregon

"We see this as a strategic first step in bringing utility-scale wave power to Oregon, and we thank OWET and their partners at the Oregon Innovation Council for believing in our proposed study plan, our Oyster wave energy device and our people.  Oregon has a great wave resource, but it also has a great environment for doing business."

Jason Busch, Executive Director of the Oregon Wave Energy Trust, said:

"These feasibility grants have been awarded to companies with proven technology to help develop projects and make wave energy technology more efficient, longer lasting and cheaper.

"Providing match funding is key to spurring the wave energy sector's growth as the industry looks to other coastal states as a possible anchor."