We are working on a number of marine energy projects in various locations around the world. Our dedicated site development team works in close consultation with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that our projects are developed responsibly.

At Aquamarine Power we are committed to minimising the impact our projects have on the environment, wildlife and people who use and enjoy our coastal areas. That's why we begin working closely with local communities, government bodies and stakeholder groups right from the start of our projects.

Selecting sites

Our dedicated site development team works closely with our resource assessment team to select regions for potential wave farms around the world. We use a rigorous site selection criteria, which includes technical, geophysical, environmental and socio-economic considerations.

Working in partnership

As well as carrying out projects on our own, we also develop sites in partnership with other organisations. We choose to work with project partners who hold the same values as us, with a particular focus on integrity and safety. We work with partners who, like us, believe in building strong lasting relationships. As part of our commitment to supporting local economies, we work with local companies wherever possible.