Projects:  West coast, USA

Wave energy on the west coast of the USA

We are interested in exploring the potential to site a small number of Oyster wave energy devices off the west coast of the USA.

To date we have focused much of our research on Oregon because of its extensive wave resource. However, we await the publication of  the state's Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) which we hope will identify a clear route to develop a wave array and will help identify areas suitable for marine energy development.

Sean O’Neill, President
Aquamarine Power and its leadership continually demonstrate their commitment to the environment, innovation, and sound public policy. Aquamarine Power is clearly one of the world leaders in wave energy.
Sean O’Neill, President
Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition
Our Industry Matching Program is designed to help developers such as Aquamarine Power to take their proven technology and make it more efficient, longer lasting and cheaper. Providing match funding is key to spurring the wave energy sector's growth as the industry looks to other coastal states as a possible anchor.
Jason Busch, Executive Director
Ocean Wave Energy Trust

Key project contact

Neil Davidson

Neil Davidson
Neil Davidson joined Aquamarine Power as Public Affairs Manager in May 2009. His role is to ensure marine renewable energy remains high on the media and political agenda and that legislation and public support mechanisms are closely aligned with what this young industry needs.

Our work in the US is at an early stage and we have been reaching out to key stakeholders, state agencies and communities along the west coast, to seek project partners and suitable locations for our first Oyster array. Wave energy offers tremendous potential - not only to help the US meet its green energy goals, but to create a new industry and local jobs in some of our coastal communities. We are working to bring together businesses and individuals who share our vision and can become active participants in an early-stage Oyster project.