Protecting Your Family Against Floods

natural disastersNature is amazingly beautiful when you see it at its finest, but nature can be even scarier when natural disasters happen. Each year, fires, tornadoes, low and high temperatures, and floods take a lot of lives everywhere around the world. No one is safe unless proper measures are undertaken way long before any sign for a flood appears.


Some might think that flooding can’t be compared to a tornado’s power and disastrous appearance, but the truth is that floods take even more lives each year in some areas than tornadoes do. Even if people remain safe, floods cause a lot of damage and sometimes even wipe out complete living areas living a lot of people homeless.

In order to do your best in the fight against floods, you must be well prepared. If you’re living in an area with a history of flooding, you must always be prepared for the worst. Sometimes floods can be controlled and sometimes you won’t be able to do anything about it. However, most of the times even a little effort can prevent a lot of damage to your home and even save you and your family.

Here’s a list of what you must do if you want to get by with as little damage as possible during a flood. Read on and find out.


SandbagsSandbags are very convenient and useful for floods. They are very affordable and every home in a floods area should store some for critical situations. Sandbags are actually stuffed with different materials that don’t allow water to get through them. Polypropylene is the most common material as it is affordable, yet very effective. Simply keep the bags in the garage and before the flood place them on the most critical points around your house. This will prevent the flood from entering the premises.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are a must for houses that often face floods. Even if you’re living in an area that is not flooding risky, you should have a sump pump in your basement. Sump pumps are very useful in situations of leakages and any situation in which you need to pump out a large amount of water. A flooded basement is not just water that keeps you from using the place, but it’s also a terrible disease spreader. That’s why it’s highly important to clean the area as fast as possible.

Turn off the electricity

You know that water and electricity are not friendly when they get in close contact. Flood in touch with the main power supply can easily cause fire and this is something that is almost impossible to control. That’s why you should turn off the electricity if you see that the flood will get inside the house.

Keep supplies on a higher place

When disaster strikes, you can’t be sure how long it will take until things get to normal. Unless the area needs to be evacuated, you’ll have to live under those circumstances for a while. That’s why you’ll want to have enough clean drinkable water and food that will keep you full. Store everything in a higher place, the second floor if it’s possible, or at least on a shelf that’s high enough so the flood won’t damage it.

Build a home that’s flood-proof

If you’re building a house in an area that’s known for floods, have the architect do a plan by which your home will be higher than usual. Also, install drains in the basement and sump pumps that are constructed for this need. Sump pumps that will extort the water out of the basement the same moment it reaches in.

Keep at least two power generators

Floods mean you can’t use the power socket in your wall. This means no powering your Smartphone, no TV, and no radio too. No way to get information nor communicating with the outside world.  Sump pumps that should dry the place also need power, so you’re going to have a lot of manual power at these times. Have at least two power generators that will be able to supply enough power for your needs.


It’s best to prevent the water from outside get in your home. That’s why precautions are important. However, a lot of times these precautions will simply not be enough. You need to know how to handle the flood once it gets inside the house. We’ve pointed out the most important things that you should mind. There are more things that can be done, but if you’re facing a flood, these are the things that are an absolute must. Never forget them and be brave in those hard times.

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