Solar Panels for Boats

How expensive owning a boat can be?

How expensive owning a boat can beYou have been haunted by the idea of owning a boat. You can’t help but fulfilling that marine fantasy living inside your brain for a long time. Hold your horses and think of all costs before you get trapped!

Boat owners know very well how expensive it is to own a boat. Having enough money to buy the boat is not the only consideration; you have to think about all after-purchasing costs. Boat owners pay sums to the official authorities such as registry, annual fees, and periodic inspection fees. There are other added expenses like insurance, mooring, and winter storage. The greatest cost comes from the use. The higher the usage, the more money you pay for maintenance, repair, parts replacement, equipment upgrading, and gas of course. Owning a boat is not but a hole in the water into which you dump your money.

Nevertheless, there is still an opportunity to reduce these costs significantly. Before purchasing, you must choose the boat that best suits your needs; do not pay any additional amount on features that will not be used. The style you use your boat will greatly affect your expenses. The more efficient you use your boat, the more you cut on your expenses. Moreover, equipping the boat with economic gears saves a lot of money. You should always find some solutions to knock down your expenses. Having the best marine solar panel is one of those solutions, which are proved to be one of the most reliable, cost-efficiency solutions.

Should you install solar panels on your boat?

Powering your boat with solar energy has many advantages–monetary saving comes on top. You’ll be generating electricity for free on your boat. The fuel-powered generator is an ongoing cost, apart from being harmful to nature. Switching to solar panels will help you cut down on your costs.

Not only solar energy is good to fight against water and air pollution, but it also combats sound pollution. When you are out on the open water, the quietness of solar panels lets you enjoy peace and quiet without any noisy disturbance.

Furthermore, you can’t generate electricity and charge your battery as safer as with solar panels, especially when you’re away from your boat. Fuel-powered generators must be operated manually and monitored continuously; whereas, solar panels can harmlessly produce electricity without any monitoring.

How do solar panels work on boats?

How do solar panels work on boatsWhen installing solar panels in your boat, sunlight is absorbed by these panels, which convert sunlight into a direct-continuous electrical current. The current flows to the inverter, which in turn converts electricity from DC to AC, then electricity, can be used to charge the battery, and run many other devices directly. The solar panels are simple to install and nice in appearance. They generate electrical energy easily in a highly efficient way.

Nearly all marine solar panels need charge controllers to protect the battery from getting higher voltage than it’s capable of handling. Most probably, you need to install an inverter based on your boat electrical setup and the types of devices needed to energize. Marine inverter converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

A word to wrap up

Having said all that, installing solar panels on your boat may face some problems related to space availability. You need to take into account that the solar panels should receive sunrays uninterruptedly to function properly. Moreover, the space available on your boat may not be enough to install all the panels needed to generate all electricity your boat needs. To sum up, you need to plan how to switch to solar energy by consulting an expert marine electrician.

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