We are Hiring – Aqua Marine Power is Recruiting New Staff

recruitWe recognize the importance of a good human resource pool and know very well that the key to delivering our objectives is a competent and reliable staff base. Therefore, we have a highly dedicated human resource function that is committed to handling all matters pertaining to employees on a full-time basis to ensure all our employees get full value for the input they deliver. A well-negotiated salary package is guaranteed, together with an enabling environment that allows workers to grow and progress career wise.

If that sounds like a viable deal for you when it comes to employment, well, you have another reason to smile. We are currently looking for people who share our values and are highly motivated to work in a challenging but equally rewarding environment. In excess of the many prospective career opportunities that we offer, we offer a range of amenities to ensure our employees are as comfortable as possible as they are working.

officeA good example is our very comfortable offices. The offices encompass an ultra-modern design synonymous with any other contemporary offices in the world. Everything in the offices has a touch of class. The location is ideal to guarantee minimum distractions during working days. The rooms are very spacious to reduce congestion and offer enough space to hold departmental meetings. It is fitted with the sate of the art furniture and equipment to give you an actual feel of a modern twenty-first-century office. The state of communication in the office can only be described as vibrant: a fax machine, a telephone, and a computer are in every office to facilitate proper professional communications. Maintenance of the office machinery is also guaranteed, with an efficient maintenance department in existence and available throughout upon demand. Spacious cabinets are well fitted in the office room to ensure adequate space for file and stationery storage. Lastly, security in the office is guaranteed since the building is well guarded by a private security firm.

Another amenity that we offer our employees is a fully equipped gym. We understand the challenges of modern living conditions, and workouts are some of the exercises to keep fit. The gym helps in alleviating the risk of obesity and other lifestyle-related diseases. After careful consideration of the modern lifestyle problems and with our employees in mind, we decided to offer them gym services to help them stay fit. The gym has fully qualified gym instructors to guide members through the processes. It also has state of the art cardiovascular training equipment: treadmills and stair climbers, together with a series of smart devices that can be used to measure pulse and heart beats. Weights of all categories are guaranteed in the gym including the heavyweights. In consideration to our female employees, the gym has a fully functional aerobics section with separate trainers. Additionally, we have a yoga section fully equipped with instructors. Lastly, in an attempt to create a holistic family gym experience, we have lately introduced a kids section that targets kid’s fitness.

massage chairOur comfortable massage chairs are another thing we have incorporated in the offices. Very easy to ignore, yet office chairs are an integral part of any office. They should be given equal consideration and attention when assessing the wellness of an office. Our massage chairs are not just your average chair; a careful selection process was made by MassageChairLand editors before purchase. We did a detailed analysis of all the factors that should be considered before settling on a particular choice. You guessed right when you think comfort is our primary consideration. Indeed, that is why the chairs are fitted with extra features for a relaxing massage therapy. Moreover, the chair has a height adjustment feature to accommodate the height of anyone. By the help of editors in comfyoffices.com, the most comfortable office chairs are chosen that are well-designed with armrest and tension recliners to ensure maximum comfort. Apart from the durable finish, the base support is stable to prevent back and neck related aches.

The listed are just but a few of the many luxuries that should pull you to our company. However, I recommend a trip to our technologic offices where you will feel like at home and meet with our staff and get a feel for our company. Our employees are our greatest ambassadors. Interestingly, a day with them will melt the heart of even the most ruthless of men. Their politeness, meekness, and constant desire to help, fosters a level of teamwork to our organization. Furthermore, the culture we have created over time in our company makes a perfect match for this workforce. We emphasize on creativity, innovation, teamwork, responsibility, and accountability. The stated are at the core of all our functions, clearly distinguishing us from many companies. What is more, our employees adopt and apply these principles in their personal lives. This ensures personal success in excess of professional success!

In terms of job satisfaction and career growth, Aqua Marina is just the place you want to be. The size of our company and its potential provides an unlimited amount of career paths that should attract any job seeker. We let our employees choose the path they want to choose based on their own strengths. Even better, we support them should they come to appoint where they decide they want to change career paths altogether. We believe in flexibility and every person should not rigidly tie themselves in specific fields. Instead, people should change with the changing organizational needs to ensure they remain relevant. This might sometimes entail changing career paths altogether. We are always ready to support our employees during such transitions to make the best out of them.

In summation, Aqua Marina is dedicated to ensuring all the demands placed by employees of modern organizations are fully met. As if that is not enough, we always hold ourselves to a higher standard in terms of employee comfort and satisfaction. Our state of the art offices and facilities illustrate this point best. We are therefore a company of choice for reliable professionals seeking employment and new job opportunities.

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