Work with us:  Encouraging innovation

Encouraging innovation at Aquamarine Power

Encouraging innovation

At Aquamarine Power we believe our success is dependent on our ability to innovate. It's through innovation that we'll learn to harness the energy of the oceans in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It's through innovation that we will overcome the challenges that lie in our path.

Driving innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Aquamarine Power.  We are pioneering a new industry and a new way of producing clean sustainable electricity.  Our Oyster wave energy technology is an innovative clean energy solution.  We're involved in partnerships with highly innovative organisations such as Queen's University Belfast, ABB and BAE Systems.  We've won a host of awards for innovation in our technology, our business and our thinking.

Rewarding innovation

But we can't afford to stop there.  We continually need to ask ourselves can we do this another way, a better way?  We think it's important to encourage innovative thinking throughout our business, and importantly, to reward it.  That's why we run our Brain Wave innovation scheme.  Through the scheme, we generate innovative ideas that break down the technical and financial barriers we face as a company.

Driving down costs

We encourage ourselves to look beyond our own departments and to look for more cost effective approaches in everything we do.  It's our goal that the scheme will generate £1 million of costing savings for our business every year.

We may be a relatively small company but we like to think big - there is nothing that can't be done.   It's this kind of creative thinking that puts us ahead of the rest.