Work with us:  Healthy working lives

Healthy working lives at Aquamarine Power

Healthy working lives

We spend a large part of our lives at work. At Aquamarine Power we believe in achieving a balance across every aspect of our lives.  We actively promote health at work (mind and body - and a little bit of soul) through a range of activities designed to suit everyone. After all, without our team we wouldn't be here.

We work hard at Aquamarine Power but we don't think life should be about sitting at a desk all day.  We regularly organise events and activities which get us out of the office and keep our minds and bodies active.  We have a running club, a knitting club and a walking lunch club.  Many of our team are surfers and can often be found down at Pease Bay.

Doing our bit

We're also keen to do our bit and are regulars at the Cramond beach cleanup in Edinburgh and Bag the Bruck in Orkney.  We're naturally an active bunch and up for a sporting challenge so it makes sense for us to do what we can for charity at the same time.

Small actions = big change

We also do a host of small things to make our daily lives a little bit easier like having a big kitchen, providing showers and toiletries for those of us who run at lunchtime, having a dry-cleaning service and a lunch service.  We also run health promotion weeks and have regular visits from a massage therapist who turns one of our meeting rooms into a health spa for the day.

They're only small things but we like to think it's the little extras which have led to us being named one of the UK's Best Workplaces and also saw us win our Bronze and Silver Healthy Working Lives Award from the NHS Scotland.