Work with us:  Our philosophy

Aquamarine Power with Oyster wave energy converter

Our philosophy

At Aquamarine Power we have seven values which are at the heart of who we are: integrity, nurture, safety, partnership, innovation, respect and enthusiasm, spelling out INSPIRE. We put our values into practice in everything we do.  It's everyone's job here to contribute to how we live our values and we actively encourage everyone to participate in this process. It's this that gives us our strong sense of team and ambition.

We have created a business which our employees are proud of. We know, because we regularly ask them, anonymously. Every member of the team has a voice.  We are a company that succeeds through driving innovation, challenging what has been done before.  For us, commercial success must not come at the price of integrity.

Working in partnership

We value honesty, transparency and respect in all our relationships, whether it be with our colleagues, our partners and suppliers, or with our stakeholders.  We choose to work with partners who hold the same values as us, with a particular focus on integrity and safety.  We work with partners who, like us, believe in building strong lasting relationships.

Rewarding our success

Our style is to work hard but we also like to have fun.  We are enthusiastic and passionate about our work but we also make sure we make the time to reward ourselves. Whether it's through our formal rewards like  pay, bonuses and holiday allowances or the little extras like rewarding people on their Aquamarine Power  anniversary or making sure we all get out of the office together as much as we can.