Energy Efficiency &Comfort in the Office

Working in an office from 9 to 5Working in an office from 9 to 5 can be a great experience but it can also be a real torture if the conditions are unbearable. Most of the employees quitting their jobs are doing it because of annoying bosses, analyses show. The second reason is not having enough human conditions for doing their job. Overworking, a hot or cold temperature inside, funny smells, and other reasons.

This is all completely normal for employees to complain about. No one can give their maximum if they are forced to work as a slave. People have basic needs that need to be fulfilled, but in order to give their maximum and raise the productivity to the highest level, they also need a lot more improvements in the office that will make workers feel good and devoted to their jobs.

On the other hand, employers and bosses have a different view on the situation. Workers care about getting their share of the job done and getting paid. Bosses care about getting the whole job done and making profits. And that’s where things need to be balanced because workers can’t be satisfied if there are no profits, just like bosses can’t make profits if workers are not satisfied.

As we can see, the solution is to get everyone satisfied and the best way to do it is to do a little for everyone. Even though it seems like it’s impossible, it really is. Maybe not in a classical way, but there are alternatives that can be done and everyone will be happy.

better office atmosphereFirst, we need to cut somewhere in order to make more profit. When we do that, we can transfer this money into an investment for a better office atmosphere. The best place is to cut on the bills. A lot of money is spent on water, electricity, and waste management for the office everyone works in. The first that should be done is the following – the manager of the facility where everyone works should change all the light bulbs from standard to LED lights. They save up to 80% of the electricity spending which means that very fast the money invested in modern light bulbs will soon be returned.

Another thing you can do is install inverter air conditioners. They save a lot more energy than standard air conditioners while doing a perfect job and keep the offices cold in summers and heated in winters.

Then, you can turn to water spending. Toilets and kitchens usually have faucets that are old fashioned and once the employee turns the water on it flows until the faucet is turned off. Make sure you install sensor faucets that will turn on and off the water for a period of time. This way you’ll save as much as 60% of the water you used to waste and, of course, pay. This is a huge impact on the budget.

If your offices use water heaters, they can be changed with solar panels. This way you’ll save even more on the money spent on electricity and at the same time, you’ll have even more hot water whenever it is needed.

better office environmentWhen this is solved there will be enough money for investment in a better office environment. You should start by getting new office chairs for the employees. Especially heated massage office chairs will make the employees happy and you’ll increase productivity by 30%. This is important because massage office chairs are not just a place where workers spend most of their working day, but they show status and create a feeling of power and professional ability. When employees create this kind of feeling for their job, they become way more dedicated and productive.

Then, invest in a rest area. All modern companies are now focusing on two things inside their offices – creating a green environment and taking care of the needs of their workers. This is because without a safe environment, there’s no use of building careers and making profits and without happy workers, there’s no productivity and no profits. It’s all connected.

Make sure you have a well-adjusted kitchen and a playground for your employees. Install eco-friendly faucets and appliances that will be both cool and will be budget-friendly. Don’t get a gaming console, but feel free to place a simple dartboard that will both keep your employees relaxed and physically active. Get refillable bottles for water and coffee machines that make less waste. This way you’ll both save money and care for the environment. Remember, energy efficient office and happy employees go hand by hand and both benefit for your budget, not the other way around.

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